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Discord Hits A New Milestone With 25 Million Users

Over the past year, Discord has grown ever so steadily and recently just hit a new milestone. Discord reports that they have just recently hit 25 Million Registered users, which is more than double what they had 5 months ago. They also have 2.3 million weekly concurrent users and those users send more than 100 million messages a day.

On top of that, Discord also recently announced their GameBridge software development kit, which will allow game developers to integrate Discord features such as low latency voice chat and text chat along with many other community engagement features directly into their games.

“Discord isn’t just tech, it’s a service that encompasses the same values we at Boss Key have for supporting our LawBreakers community,” said Rohan Rivas, the studio communications manager at Boss Key Productions.

“Discord manages its servers 24/7, provides a great client/server API for us to use, and is committed to continuously improving as a service to gamers. We’re looking forward not just to standard integration into our game in 2017, but will also be working with Discord to incorporate great features of the client that will be completely unique to LawBreakers when it launches next year.”

Cheers to many more milestones Discord! Keep on growing. EloTalk is on Discord! Feel free to join our discord by clicking here.

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