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Discord users hold on to your hats because the go-to platform for mobile and PC gamers bring gifts of Christmas future with new features. We’ve waited for months to get these and soon we’ll get our wishes!

Discord Features

Even from launch, the platform adorned gamers with the ability to connect with others by creating communities through servers. Each place has its own permissions set up by the administrator of the channel and allows a light weight application to do so. Not only that, if users can’t download the application on the computer/mobile device they’re on, servers are easily viewed in a web browser.  Since launch, the application progressed from a small time program to something that is being used by 25 million people, without constant updates or issues.

Features that will launch in the new year are as follows:

  • Updated Search Feature
  • Screen sharing and Video Chat
  • An Audit Log
  • Channel Categories

Description of Features aka The Too Long Part

Search Function

Instead of pinning messages for people to find, users will be able to use the new search feature to find messages! Using it will make finding information more easily and efficiently, and will work server wide. There will also be a sort function, allowing simple use. Search results will appear on the right-hand side, only covering the list of online users.

Share Screens and Video Chatting

Likely the most anticipated feature of Discord, are video calls and screen sharing! Gamers will be able to see everything while in a call and similar to other programs of the same ability, users will be able to full screen, video with chat, and only video. Check out the spectacular screenshots!

Audit Logs

Certain channels have bots to maintain order within larger servers. Often times there will be a display log when users are kicked. In Discord, the new audit log will display topic changes, role changes, and kicks. All of these features will allow a safer space for users and do so in a user-friendly manner.


Mod Logs In Discord

Channel Categories

Since these are changes that are in production, this particular one may end up taking longer. Developers have spent an immense amount of time on the above features. That said, users will be able to organize their text and voice channels. Permissions to the channels will also apply to those under that category. Many moderators will be overjoyed with this new ability.



Concluding Thoughts

These additions to Discord make for a much more user-friendly experience though none will be implemented until 2017. If gamers had not already switched over, now would be a great time. Chat with us on our discord!

Furthermore, tweet at them with constructive feedback on the upcoming features. Do you like them? Are you excited for what comes next? Even if not, Discord is here to take over, so be gone nasty programs of old!

Until next time.


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