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Leaping Tiger is a location-based social networking tool that allows gamers to instantly find, interact and connect with each other. With this platform you’re able to check-in to the current game you’re playing and others will be able to connect with you.

After familiarizing myself with the app, I was able to quickly see how intuitive it is. I easily connect my social media to my Leaping Tiger account and quickly found others to play Overwatch with.

I spent some time chatting with Theo, the community manager for Leaping Tiger, about the business, background, and future of the service.

How long has Leaping-Tiger been in business?

Leaping Tiger launched on May 22nd, 2015 – we recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary! But before that, our co-founders spent a good year or so chatting to the community about their idea, and gathering their thoughts before beginning any development work.

Who are you and/or what is your story?

Our co-founders, Amy and Jordan, came up with the idea while working together in 2013. They would often chat about how difficult it was to find friends who play the same games as you, or who would be interested in teaming up with you, and that there wasn’t anything dedicated to solving this problem effectively. Rather than getting stuck in with forums or blogs or endlessly putting out #LFG calls on Twitter, they saw a gap for a solution to bring gamers together. That was that, they built up some income, and eventually quit their jobs to grow Leaping Tiger (a massive plunge to take).

What inspired you to get gamers together?

As mentioned in our story above, a lot of it was personal for our co-founders. But after speaking to a lot of people in the industry and out in the community, they found that gamers were scrambling to connect on what was already available. We also noticed something incredible happening – the rise of local gaming communities and events. Not only were there so many more gatherings than before, but they were also more widely accepted in any given location around the world and developers like Blizzard and Riot were openly showing support for them (e.g. Fireside Gatherings and the LoL Viewing Party program respectively).

What are your plans with Leaping-Tiger? Are you able to tell me what your future goals are?

Right now Leaping Tiger is still finding its legs, but we have a clear vision for where we want to be. How we get there is sure to change, but the core goal for the future of Leaping Tiger is being THE place for gamers to connect. That includes everything from friend finding, to local gaming community discovery, to seeing what future gaming events are happening in your area. It’ll be a portal for anyone to become easily immersed in the local gaming scene, while also discovering what’s happening in gaming around the world.

While we haven’t confirmed it, Leaping Tiger has the potential to be the center of your gaming identity as well – from stat tracking and mutli-platform friend management, to a full blown eSports profile. That’d all be really awesome, but we know those things are everywhere, and while it’d be cool to have it all in one place, that’s not in the plan just yet, we just think it would be really cool!

How many people are using your service?

At the moment, tens of thousands of gamers are using Leaping Tiger. Every major update (like the recent ability to sign up with just your email) is steadily growing our community, and with each new gamer discovering friends becomes easier. That’s the thing – Leaping Tiger relies on lots of players using it at once. We’re at the point now that you’re able to find someone to game with almost anywhere in the world, thanks to there being a Leaping Tiger players in over 91 countries. The experience will get better and better over time!

Is there anything you want to tell us?

I personally just want to thank you for taking the time to check us out, and say thanks as well to all the gamers who have supported us so far by using the app and submitting feedback. We’re young, so young, but we’re learning from everything we do and making Leaping Tiger better every single day.

We’ve just moved into a new office in Wellington, and are now a team of six! We’re all super psyched to bring our full vision of Leaping Tiger to life, and can’t wait to give gamers all over the world a better way to connect.


If you’re like me and having a hard time finding others to party with. You should give Leaping Tiger a try. Check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and their website for more info!

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