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Forge, a simple way for everyday PC gamers to share their favorite gaming moments through shareable clips, has announced that they have acquired new investors: Social Capital and NZXT. Resolute Ventures and WME Ventures, previous investors, are also participating in a second round of funding. In total Forge has raised nine million dollars since the launch of their public beta in February 2016. We look forward to upcoming features and polish to existing features as the company grows, as mentioned by CEO Jared Kim:

With this new funding, we will be rapidly growing the team to enable us to continue to create the best and easiest way for gamers to share their favorite moments.

With this announcement, he also goes into detail about the beginnings of Forge from his first startup, WeGame:

It all started with an amazing “WTF!” moment in World of Warcraft that happened during my freshman year of college that was forever lost because I couldn’t get FRAPS working properly. I ran out of my dorm room to tell my friends, but no one believed me because I didn’t have proof! Little did I know, that one in-game moment would start a journey that would span the next nine years of my life and would result in me founding two different startups to tackle this problem.

We have been struggling with ways to properly share gaming clips for a number of years as well, and look forward to seeing Forge expand and become more widely used. To learn more about what we think of Forge, check out our review!


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