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Last year Hyperkin made a joke on April Fool’s Day by posting a picture of an attachment for your Android that turned it into a Gameboy, the nostalgic handheld gaming device that everybody loved ever so much. The joke is on us, cause this April Fool’s joke is now a reality. The joke became viral among the internet, only to be later admitted on Facebook that Hyperlink has had plans to make the device a reality if many people liked the idea.


Image copyright of Neowin.

“SmartBoy” is an attachment that lets gamers play their existing GameBoy and GameBoy Color game cartridges on their Android phones. Hyperkin’s “SmartBoy” was announced for the first time at E3 and said that the attachment can be pre-ordered on their website for $59.99.  Hyperkin has also been throwing in a kicker; royalty percentage is being offered to anyone who can improve the SmartBoy’s serial app and firmware.

Hyperkin’s product developer, Chris Gallizzi stated in a press release:

“We wanted to create a retro device that can be easily adapted into any modern gamer’s arsenal of devices.”11054834_824908177544280_235668127966899815_n

Hyperkin’s confirmed post on “SmartBoy”

Gallizzi followed that the Smart Boy will come in its classic ’80’s grey’,  along with a plethora of colors just like the Game Boy Color did. “SmartBoy” will feature the classic 8-way D-pad, two action buttons, and a battery that will charge via the phone while the gameplay itself will be projected through the phone’s screen.

At E3 the SupaBoy S was also on display, a handheld device that plays Super Nintendo cartridges. It’s an updated version of the original SupaBoy, just with a bigger screen which we all can agree on that bigger is better.

While Hyperkin hasn’t announced the release date for the final model yet alone the Supaboy S (though they do predict late this fall), they did say that it will continue to monitor social media for feedback in hopes to improve the attachment as it evolves. Now is the time to go through your boxes upon boxes of vintage games!

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