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Today Google officially announced their new Pixel and Pixel XL Smartphones. They are Differentiated by their respective size and resolution of their screens – one 5-inch 1080p display on the Pixel while the Pixel XL boasts a 5.5-inch Quad HD panel. Both of which are built by HTC, however Google claims full credit on design. Both designs are powered by Google’s latest processor, Snapdragon 821 and run on a specialized version of Google’s software that is used by Android. The processor will be able to support the Daydream Virtual Reality platform that Google themself announced during the summer!

Pre-orders for the phone will be starting today. For now, the only US carrier selling them directly will be none other than Verizon. The price of Pixel will be starting at $649 while higher storage of 128GB will scale to $749 and eventually $869 for the XL 128GB. Rick Osterloh, the new Hardware Chief of Google highlighted 5 key features for the new upcoming Pixel phone.



Google’s Pixel will be boasting a 12.3 Megapixel Camera, one that scores an 89 in DxOmark – the highest among any smartphone camera that is on the market (compared to Apple iPhone 6+’s at a close 82). Google also claims that the new camera has “the shortest capture time on any mobile camera ever.”


Endless cloud storage

FINALLY, no more “storage is full” messages! Woohoo! Google will allow free unlimited storage, even for full-resolution images and videos that are shot with Pixel.

Made for Virtual Realityvr


Pixel is the first ever Daydream compatible phone and at the event today, Google also announced the Daydream View headset to pair along with it, starting at $79. The Daydream View comes bundled with a tiny controller, one that Google claims is so precise that you can even draw with it.

Daydream View comes in a variety of colours!






Now that Google is coming out with a phone, all Pixel users will be getting the latest Android updates directly from them as soon as they are available. Google has been paying close attention to Pixel’s endurance while on the go, making sure that fast charging is applicable wherever you are – 7 hours of power in about a 20 minute window. The company has also built a 24/7 live phone support right into Pixel’s software, tech supports can see exactly whats on your screen and help you better than the average Joe.

Google Assistant

With this new phone we get our very own personal assistant (one that I hope is better than Siri)! When you hold on the home button or say a specific “hot word”, the assistant comes into play. In Google’s demo, the Assistant is used for a multitude of things; bringing up photos, whatever music you wish, even changing your default music application.  Google Now is also on the Pixel, allowing the user to swipe up with information on the screen such as further information, reviews and restaurant addresses, even common questions – it can also be used to take your reservation for selective restaurants.


These phones look very sleek and sexy, almost to the point where Google’s Pixel is a marketing brand that looks very similar to being another Apple. The Pixel phones are both made out of aluminum and gorilla glass – encasing the back, surrounding the camera, flash, and fingerprint sensor (that is branded as Pixel Imprint). Both devices have 4GB of ram, which is roughly half the amount of some casual home desktops. These phones will be Bluetooth 4.2, and yes include a 3.5mm Headphone Jack (which is already a really big plus in my book).

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