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Never again will you miss the opportunity to re-live your best gaming moments. With a lightweight software that integrates with your PC games and social media, Forge provides a solution to quickly clip and save highlights so you can get back to gamingForge's social platform showing Yitsy's profile and recordings

Grabbing a Clip

To utilize Forge, you run the program before launching any game. When the game opens, you’ll see “Forge is Enabled” on the upper right hand side and their colorful bar to let you know that it’s working. Now, as you play through your game, you can utilize their handy hotkeys:

F5 – Bookmark: Keep a note of this place in the game so that you can go back later and grab a clip or re-live a funny moment.

Bookmark created in the Forge client

F6 – Clip: A window will appear allowing you to quickly grab the 60 second period you just played and share it to Forge.

Forge POTG

Select “Clip” when you’ve found the area you want to share.

Forge SociaL media

It’s easy to share to Twitter when you use the Share to Forge.

The Client

The client itself has a few bugs here and there, but overall it’s intuitive and sleek. You can view your own profile to see all your sweet plays, or view the top ones by clicking the main “Forge” tab at the top.

By clicking “Highlighter”, you can Highlight clips from games over the past few days. As the page says, “Your game sessions will automatically be removed when space runs out”.

The Highlighter tab where you can grab clips from previous gameplay.


Through the client and the web profiles of players, you can share to Facebook, Twitter, share the direct link or grab the embed code.Forge - Sharing

The high resolution video is stunning and easy to share across all your favorite social media platforms. If they don’t already have the images integrated, you could always “Save Video As…” and share it manually. This is how the clips look when pulled from the Embedded option:


Forge has done a great job allowing gamers to recap their favorite moments without compromising their gameplay. It’s apparent that the development team is full of gamers who know what we’d want to see out of this sort of software. We can’t help but tell all of our friends to let go of their old and outdated capture software and give Forge a try!

To download Forge, check out their website.

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