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HyperX FPS Alloy Pros and Cons
Compact, Full-Sized KeyboardUSB Pass-throughHigh-Quality MaterialLegendary Customer SupportIndependent from SoftwarePackaged with Additional Goodies! Mesh Carrying Case, Key Remover and Additional Red Keycaps(Fully) Removable USB Cord
Costar StabilizersNo Additional Color LED OptionsKeycap Font Isn't My Favorite
9Must Have

HyperX FPS Alloy

If you’re a gamer and you take your peripherals seriously, the HyperX FPS Alloy keyboard is a necessity to have. It sports a sleek and sexy form factor but gives you the power of a full keyboard. When you’re playing games or typing up an email, this keyboard is the one you should use!

One of the most attractive things about this keyboard is its price point of $99.99. Not to mention, it has a better build quality than most keyboards on the market. I would suggest this keyboard for anyone who is taking their game to the next level.The hyper x alloy keyboard


Out of the box, this keyboard has some amazing features. I loved being able to change the LED lighting profile instantly. This keyboard comes with six presets. It has everything from static lighting to a simple FPS setup.

This is the first keyboard I’ve used with a detachable cord. It may not seem like a huge deal, but I was able to travel with my keyboard efficiently and take it with me on the go. Another great feature that this keyboard has an accessible USB pass-through so you can charge your phone easily.


The HyperX FPS Alloy has an incredibly sleek and beautiful build quality. It easily outshines the price you pay for it. When unpacking your Alloy, you will find plenty of goodies that you normally don’t get from the big names: mesh carrying pouch, a tough braided (and detachable) USB cable and a set of import red keycaps for your 1-4 and WASD keys. These are optional to use, but I would suggest making the most of them – their texture is comforting.Hyper X FPS Alloy

This compact keyboard does not consist of any macros or obnoxious keys. This keyboard’s design intends to use the space provided efficiently. The layout of the keyboard thoroughly impressed me. You can tell HyperX put a lot of thought into the layout of this keyboard.

A lightweight, solid steel frame? When I first picked up the keyboard, it felt a little heavy until I started to compare it to other solid steel objects lying around the house. The keyboard’s durability is exceptional.

The only drawback that I could find with the keyboard is the costar stabilizer. I am not a huge fan, but I can see why HyperX decided to go with it.

Key Switches

The HyperX FPS Alloy comes in three different options. If you’re a serious gamer, this will be beneficial for you.

I’ve been testing the Cherry MX Blue, and the feedback on this keyboard is amazing. When it comes to strafing in Overwatch or typing in Minecraft, this keyboard does it with ease. If you’re looking for a loud and clicky keyboard, I would suggest getting the Cherry MX Blue.

But if you’re looking for all-around/ultra-rapid responsiveness, I would go with the MX Red edition.

Vartion of switches: Cherry MX Blue, Brown, and red. All have different audio feedback and operation styles.

Keyboard Specifications

Keyboard Switch:Cherry MX
Blacklight:Single Color, Red
Light Effects:6 LED modes and 5 Brightness levels
Connection Type:USB 2.0 with 2 USB Connectors
USB Passthrough:Yes (mobile phone charging only)
Polling Rate:1000Hz
Anti-Ghosting:100% Anti-ghosting
Key Rollover:6-Key / N-Key Modes
Media Control:Yes
Game Mode:Yes
Cable Type:Detachable and Braided


This keyboard is a must have for any gamer. If you’re a budget PC builder or a professional gamer, this keyboard has everything you will need.

The only suggestion that I would make to HyperX is to raise the price just a little bit and get rid of the costar stabilizer, but that could just be personal! HyperX has successfully switched me out of my Corsair and into their HyperX FPS Alloy.

The only thing that I wish this keyboard had was additional color options and a different font family for the keycaps.

All images belong to HyperX.

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