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When Antlion Audio formed in 2011, they had a goal in mind: deliver stellar voice communication capabilities to your favorite headphones. To accomplish this, the ModMic crashed onto the scene. No more sacrificing the amazing sound of high-end headphones for voice capabilities: just snap it to the side with a removable magnetic clasp and have the freedom to use a mic.

The ModMic and Mounting Point

Experience with ModMic

Antlion Audio provided some amazing solutions with the ModMic, as well as a few must-have accessories. I quickly found that there were way more uses for the mic than its competitors. The multitude of uses and great accessories really expands the number of business and personal applications of the mic. After dealing with multiple pieces of gear for my needs, the ModMic was exactly what I needed.


The ModMic was designed to be contorted into all sorts of shapes. With that, using the mic attached to a headset isn’t the only possible use. Coil up the base into a stand to make a desk mic. Straighten it out to form a hand mic. Its flexibility means less broken mics in transport, so it’s there when needed.

Aside from the physical flexibility, the ModMic also boasts flexibility of uses. When getting home from work, snap it on your headset to get your game on. Then it’s a quick transition to set it up for a desk mic to do a family Skype call. When done, pack it up and use it with a phone as a hand mic to make recordings on the go.


The accessories sold by Antlion Audio makes dealing with audio gear simple. The USB adapter is useful for systems In-line modular mute switchwithout any audio ports. While the Y adapter is perfect for devices that lack separate plugins for each, but still have a single 3.5mm jack. That includes phones, controllers, tablets, and more.

Shipping with the ModMic 5 is also a modular mute switch and two extender cables. The cables are useful for all sorts of scenarios and cable management. As for the mute switch, the usability extends to multiple uses with phones and meetings. While everything about the ModMic makes it usable in different scenarios, the other accessories brings all your audio gear together.

The Road to the ModMic 5

For the first three iterations of the ModMic, every unit was hand crafted. By the time version 4 came out, demand forced production to get pushed out to a third party. Then it was time to double down on development, and they started thinking about version 5. Cable management was at the top of their priorities, and they had a few more ideas up their sleeves to build into the ModMic 5.

Fixing old problems

One of the major drawbacks of the ModMic 4 was that it didn’t quite sit right as a permanent solution to a mic. Leaving it connected to your headphones with clips made cable management and unwieldy. Version 5 solves this by adding in a cable wrap so that the addition of the mic can feel like a single unit. Gone are the days of trying to clip them together with the provided cable clips.

An image of the ModMic 5 kitDepending on your needs, you might need an omni-directional mic or you might need a uni-directional mic. If you don’t know which you need, you don’t even have to worry with the ModMic 5. With the flip of a switch, you can swap between the two. This feature adds more to the flexibility and reduces the chance of needing multiple mics.

Looking to the future

I had a chance to sit down with the guys from Antlion Audio and they were stoked for the release of the ModMic 5. They have checked all the line items off their list and are now looking forward to next steps.

With the base model right where they want it, the next thing to do is start looking at different and new features including possibly adding a Bluetooth model feature or more. They get to think on it for now, look at feedback, and move forward however they want. There’s no more improving the ModMic, just making new gadgets. I can’t wait to see what these guys whip up next!

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