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Finally Nvidia has unveiled the long awaited GTX 1000’s graphic card series. GTX 1080 will retail for $599, while the slightly smaller GTX 1070 will cost $380. Both of these graphic cards are 50 dollars more than their predecessors at launch (GTX 970 & 980). While these numbers are not exactly in the price range of the average consumer its still a highly attractive value for anyone whose been looking to upgrade from a GTX 970 or another GPU. NVIDIA 1080 GTX will drop on May 27th while the 1070 will be available on June 10th.

Compared to the 980TI & Titan X
Nvidia’s 2016 cards are all now running off of the company’s new “Pascal architecture”. The company claims that the 1080 and 1070 will be more power efficient and even more powerful than the last generation of cards all while retailing cheaper than the 980 & 980Ti’s! Pascal replaces Maxwell, which was behind the GTX 900 series along with the Titan X. Nvidia’s headline and claims about Pascal as a whole is that it’s about three times more efficient than the 900 series which is to be thanked for computing improvements along with a new design and manufacturing process.

Maxwell used a 28nm (nanometer) process where has Pascal uses 16nm. This all means that Nvidia can fit more transistors into a smaller area while consuming less power, running more efficiently and even cooler than the predecessors.
When I was reading about the new clock speeds for the 1000 series I was pretty shocked. The 1080 GPU boasts a clock speed of 1607MHz but has a boost of 1733MHz, which is huge in comparison to the GTX 980 maximum boost speed of 1216MHz. Its quite astonishing that this is all possible with a graphic card that only consumes 15 more watts than the 980 (180W versus 165W).

I think this new advancement in technology is amazing and I have long awaited for NVIDIA to reveal what they’ve been working on. With specifications of the 1080 I was expecting something among the lines of pricing like the Titan X when first reading about the unveiling, in the low thousand dollar range. My original plan was to wait for the new GPU to drop and just buy a 980Ti for myself but instead I’ll just pick up one of these bad boys instead!

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