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The latest revelation in a strong start to the year for video streaming platform Twitch has been announced: the release of an all-in-one desktop app, centralizing all the Twitch content into one convenient place, is being released on March 16th.

Twitch Desktop App

This announcement comes shortly after Twitch announced their plans to make a name for themselves as a marketplace, allowing viewers to buy games that are being played by streamers they watch, with partnered streamers receiving a portion of the sale.

The new app has many new features, including Twitch servers, which function similar to Discord community servers, allowing streamers to interact with their community both online and offline.

In addition, the application automatically syncs your Twitch friends and allows you to not only make voice calls, but also make video calls. These community tools are sure to make Twitch a much more streamlined service, with the added bonus of additional features on top of competitor services of this type.

Twitch has also decided to integrate the Curse addon/mod platform to further increase the depth of the app. Users can download and manage new modifications with ease, able to share and compare with others in their community.

On top of all that, Twitch has said that the app would support their new system for buying games, allowing any games purchased to be downloaded through the app. Speculations include potential mergers with the current Twitch Launcher used by Twitch Prime subs to reduce the hassle caused by yet another launcher.

Twitch has started off 2017 strong and has shown no signs of stopping. The site that has become synonymous with gaming and esports is determined to make a name for itself in a major way, with all the new features coming from partnerships with Curse, the new Twitch Desktop App and all the integrated Amazon Prime bonuses. Check out the full blog on the Twitch website and stay tuned for March 16th when you can download the app here!

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