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In a Facebook post, Nintendo announced that the Pokemon Go Plus, a low energy accessory for the augmented reality game, will be delayed from late July until September 2016. The Bluetooth device is meant to give players in-game notifications and alerts while they are on the “Go” and not staring into their smartphones. The Pokemon Go Plus is a nice accessory and is definitely a convenience and an advantage for players but unfortunately, we will all have to wait one more month until it is available for purchase.

Since its launch, Pokemon Go has affected the world in the most positive way possible with reports of it helping many people’s physical and mental health. Nintendo has hit a record-breaking bump in stocks and the game has all around brought everyone together in a time where tons of negativity fills our lives in terms of politics and social issues. While there have been a few unfortunate reports surrounding the mobile game, the reaction to Pokemon Go has been incredibly positive.

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