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LAFORGE has released the alpha and beta of their new smart glasses, Shima. Their product is a futuristic style of eyewear that relays notifications from your smart phone to the wearers line of sight. The idea behind these glasses is to allow phone addicts to look up from their phones, rather than keeping their head down and locked on their smart phone’s screen.

Shima looks like any regular pair of glasses, but the screen is located on the side of the frames near the temples. LAFORGE’s technology projects a virtual image on the wearers retinas that is always on focus, no matter where the wearer is looking. To prevent eye exhaustion, the image appears to be several feet in front of the wearer, rather than on the lenses themselves.

Some notable features about the Shima eyewear are:

  • Speed sensitivity – The Shima glasses can sense how fast you’re going, whether you’re walking, running, or driving.
  • Map directions
  • Text notifications

When Shima launches, it will connect to the user’s smartphone via app and Bluetooth connections. Upon launch, the app will work on all Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile devices.

Shima is available for all those interested in owning a pair of smart glasses, whether or not they need prescription lenses. For those with perfect eyesight, the user simple needs to note their prescription as “0” upon purchase.

Currently LAFORGE is accepting pre-orders of the Shima starting at $590 USD. Four frames are offered at the present moment, with more to come in the future.

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