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Tax season is here, I repeat TAX SEASON IS HERE. Don’t you just love having the government owe us money rather than us owing them? Heres some stuff to throw your money at, you’re welcome.

Oh, and some of us from Elotalk gave you some recommendations (;


Acer Predator 34 Inch Curved UltraWide QHD Wide Screen Display ($1249.99)


So I’ll start off with the most expensive item on the list for you people with a “better than average” tax return. We’re starting to see more people switch to a widescreen display rather than dual monitor setup(or you fancy people dual monitoring with widescreen displays). I personally like a Widescreen more so than dual monitor. The Acer Predator 34″ Curved UltradeWide QHD display has an overclock of 100Hz with a 4ms response time – which is actually pretty impressive for a WideScreen display. Surely it’s not the best compared to the 1ms and 144Hz smaller screens, but having myself experience it – the difference is barely noticeable.  This monitor is sleek, sexy, and definitely puts on the “wow” factor. The RGB LED lighting accent underneath the screen is a nice touch that just compliments the monitor as a whole. For those who want to splurge big, I recommend 10/10.


Estelle Recommends the  Corsair Scimitar RGB Optical MOBA/MMO Gaming Mouse ($79.99) 

The Scimitar RGB gaming mouse makes gameplay even easier with its Key Slider control system, boasting 12 mechanical side buttons and a “pro-proven 12,000 DPI optical sensor”. Corsair had one thing in mind when building this mouse, to deliver the ultimate MOBA and MMO gaming experience.  8mm of key slide travel allows every button within reach while the 12 mechanical side buttons deliver unmatched competitive advantages. Not to mention the RGB optical mouse offers four-zone RGB lighting, allowing brilliant customization to multicolor lighting.


“its not just for MMO’s either, having thumb buttons would help with my other games I play as well.” – Estelle


Justin Recommends the MSI GeForce 1070 GAMING 8GB Video Card ($419.99)


14-127-955-01The 1000’s series was announced earlier this year, offering high-quality video cards at a very reasonable price. The MSI GTX 1070 GAMING 8GB Video Card boasts a core clock of 1531 MHz with a boost of 1721 MHz and 1920 CUDA cores, all encapsulated in MSI’s signature red and black coloring.




“Most people aren’t going to have the set up to fully optimize a 1080. The 1070 is a solid card that will allow people to play most, if not all major releases at optimal graphic settings without any frame loss.” – Justin


Corsair Crystal Series 570X RBG Tempered Glass Case ($179.99)


corsairtempered glass

Fitted from top to bottom with tempered glass, the Corsair Crystal 570X is designed to be “clearly superior” from Corsair’s marketing standpoint. Immaculate tempered glass enclosing the entire chassis, every piece of your build is displayed for everyone to see, including three spectacular RBG LED fans – it even comes with a built-in LED controller. Corsair boasts that the 570X can have room up to 6 case fans and any size radiator with cable management made stupidly simple. We saw for awhile Corsair was falling out on the whole “tempered glass” fade, only for us to be competely flabbergasted by this beauty.


Kyle Recommends the SubPac S2 Physical Sound System ($299.00)


81mw88FN7ZL._SY500_Welcome to the world of bass augmentation, the Subpac S2 makes things you enjoy far more exciting and way more immersive. Essentially a subwoofer for the back of your chair, The SubPac S2 is used by audio professionals and couples great with VR. Direct vibrations to the body allow accurate and responsive bass with anything and everything its plugged into. Music comes more alive, games become more immersive – First person shooters will never be the same. Perfect for bass lovers or people who just want that extra “thump” in everything without waking everyone up. The Subpac S2 is a transformative audio technology that converts sound into high fidelity vibrations that you can feel, sound pulsing through your body brings music, gaming & VR a fully immersive experience. You can read my review on the Subpac S2 here.

“I can’t think of anything else I love more than my Subpac. Coupled with my Audiotechnica M50x headphones I can have that true ‘live’ sound or even deep-thumping club experience every day.” – Kyle


Peter Recommends the Corsair Gaming K95 RBG Mechanical Gaming Keyboard ($169.99)


CGK95RGB_06_AOn January 5th, 2017 at CES in Las Vegas, Corsair announced their new mechanical gaming keyboard, the K95 RBG platinum. Corsair combined their trademark aluminum frames with the very latest in premium keyboard technology to give games the ultimate, sexy-high-end keyboard. K95 gives you Aircraft-grade brushed aluminum frame, 100% Cherry RGB mechanical key switches, 100% anti-ghosting, FPS and MOBA keycap sets, along with many, many other cool features and is available in two distinctive anodized finishes, Black or Gunmetal.

“Versatile keyboard that sports a lot of macros for making you even more competitive while gaming. Corsair has an eye for their products – the aircraft grade aluminum makes it sleek and lasts a long time.”  – Peter


Nanoleaf’s Aurora Modular Smart Lighting ($199.99)




Probably one of the coolest new releases of 2017 so far, Nanoleaf Aurora Smart Lighting kit is a pack of 9 smart LED panels.  While they are kind of pricey, they are downright cool to look at.  Nanoleaf’s triangular light panels are bright, colorful, and incredibly easy to assemble. The RBG coloring is controlled by your phone and can even be controlled by using Siri commands! These panels have to be one of the most design-centric devices for a home that I’ve ever seen, letting your smart home express itself with colorful aesthetics and a multitude of different, unique patterns you can create.  While it’s not really a “gaming” thing, its nice decor to make your setup just that much cooler.


Sennheiser’s “Game One” Headset ($162.31)



Sennheiser and its excellent acoustic knowledge of headphones are now transferring to gaming headsets.  While this headset doesn’t offer many of the bells and whistles of other gaming headset brands such as Logitech and Steelseries, Sennheiser has kept the “Game One” headset very minimal and I find that very alluring. Durable yet built with comfort in mind, the “Game One” headset delivers Sennheiser’s signature sound quality – warm with utmost clarity and nice, solid and smooth bass all while weighing a little bit more than a pound. I actually tried these on at Fry’s Electronics and completely forgot I was wearing them, they are just that comfortable.



Kyle Recommends Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Monitor Headphones ($149.00)



“Pure. Professional. Performance.”

Forget the Beats, forget the incredibly expensive headphones that need an amp. These are for those who don’t want a headset and use a nice, quality pair of headphones. The Audio-Technica M50X are the best bang for your buck and you probably won’t find any other headphones sounding this good unless you expect to spend well over 500 dollars. Critically acclaimed sonic performance and praised by top audio engineers and pro audio reviewers, the M50X are praised year after year – providing an unmatched experience for the most critical of audio professionals. Extremely comfortable and large sound isolating earcups allow you to experience music in utmost clarity. I actually feel kind of sad for those who bought Beats over the M50X’s because you can’t get much better than these headphones at this price.

If you’re going to buy the SubPac S2 do yourself a favor and buy the ATH-M50X’s because if you don’t, well that’s just cruel.


HTC Vive – Virtual Reality System ($799.99)


HTC’s Vive is a package that includes a headset, two motion controllers, along with two base stations to bring a “whole-room” VR area. Not only is it technically impressive but also tracks your movements within a cube instead of your seat. Vive is showing off what a premium VR experience is capable of – it’s so far ahead of the competition it’s offering an experience that can be so difficult to describe the experience it gives. While it is the most expensive Virtual Reality system on the market, it is by far the best in almost all categories.


Mova Globe ($144.99)



This is a globe. What makes this globe so special you ask? This is not only a globe but a beautiful work of art backed by science that will make you pause for a moment in your life and appreciate the calming, beautiful nature of Mother Earth. The Mova Globe is the world’s most technologically advanced globe with an eye-catching design. Using only the energy of light and balancing from the forces of Earth’s magnetic field,  it perpetually rotates at a speed that is designed to relax and calm your mind, with no need for batteries or cords. It really is nice to have something green on your desk, actually, this is probably the most badass decor for your desk. This is perfect for you space lovers or just people who appreciate the beauty of Earth.

Science + Art = Mova Globe.



Microcenter’s i7-6700k + MSI’s z170A Gaming m5 LGA ATX MoBo Bundle ($414.98)




Intel’s i7-6700k is more than enough to handle even the most demanding of games and workstations. An operating frequency of 4 GHz and a turbo speed of 4.2Ghz this Quad-Core CPU is a working powerhouse with an 8MB cache. MSI’s z170A offers a ton of expansion and the i7 will be more than enough to last the next 5+ years. The i7 Coupled with MSI’s Gaming z170A, Microcenter’s bundle is a great deal for those who are wanting to upgrade their computer at a bargain.



Audioengine A5+ Powered Studio Monitor Speakers ($399.00-$469.00)


The best “multimedia/computer” speakers you could possibly buy unless you want to spend well over a grand. The Audioengine A5+ stand out and shine more than any other computer speaker you could possibly buy. Significantly larger than small computer speakers, these beasts are actually bookshelf speakers masquerading behind “multimedia”. Stupid easy set up with a wide array of versatility and expansion options such as adding an amp, DAC, or subwoofer. These speakers are minimalistic with an industrial flair and will compliment any computer setup. Audiophile grade with wonderful mids and highs with a nice, punchy bass. Available in Satin Black, Hi-Gloss White, or for a little extra you can get Solid Carbonized Bamboo, you can read my thorough review here. 


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