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SubPac S2 Pros & Cons
Comfortable & Ergonomic DesignReplicates Powerful Sound SystemsPerfect for Electronic Dance Music & Hip Hop Music loversAllows the extreme low end of bass to be feltVirtually quiet except for userChargeable & Wireless Via BluetoothCheaper than buying full sound system set upUniversally fits on all chairs
Only applicable with Headphones1 Year WarrantyCould be more breathableAutomatic Shut Off feature
9.5Must have

I bought this as a birthday present to myself after inquiring with my buddy, Ephxia since hes owned his for about 3 months.  I was originally going to buy a pair of Audioengine A5+ speakers with a nice, small sub woofer but realized I won’t be able to play it all the time because I live with other people. Ideally I wanted to have that full audio system set up again – one with a sub and studio monitoring speakers. I am an audiophile, I appreciate audiophile grade anything when its at a reasonable price. Let me just tell you, this has been the best purchase for any audio equipment I have ever made.

Our interaction with sound is a physical one – sound reaches us by waves that are pushed through air, these waves are processed by our ears and then send signals to our brains. Its only in certain places where this physical sensation with sound is flourished, often in clubs and larger venues do we really become aware of this kind of relationship. These places let us experience the physical aspect of sound while our very own bodies vibrate in time, emphasizing on sub-bass frequencies in particular. The SubPac is a beautiful thing, it lets us bring this relationship to the daily whether its SubPac’s S2 or even their wearable audio bass tactile system, the M2. For those who don’t know an audio bass tactile system is, it’s audio technology that directly transfers bass frequencies to your body – allowing you to feel the physical dimension of sound. Starting at $299, is the SubPac S2 just a novelty or a tool that enhances the processes of both music listening and music making?




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Each shipment contains the SubPac S2, a wired Line Input of 3.5mm stereo aux, a charger, user manual, removable strapping system, a control box,  various charging cables for electrical outlets around the world, and of course a user manual – all encased in a classy yet elegant matte black box.


Get ready to feel the bass


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For those who are music lovers I’m sure you’ve all been to either a concert or even a club. But for those EDM and Hip Hop lovers out there? Well, you know that glorious feeling you get in your stomach and back when that “thump” from the bass hits you in just the right spot? Well, the SubPac S2 replicates it perfectly. When in use the SubPac is a fascinating and unique tool. The way it translates bass is to par with a powerful club sound system. Not only does this replicate the impact of a mighty powerful sound system, but the SubPac S2 is able to replicate this effect at low volumes – this is revolutionary to music producers.

Quality & Ergonomic Comfort

The S2 snuggly fits on your chair with your back in full contact of the unit. Full back contact helps add clarity to the lower frequencies that are normally lost when working with headphones and even with the most basic of monitoring set ups.

SubPac spared no expense when designing this product – it’s extremely light weight and is actually very comfortable. The front of the unit, the side thats in full contact with your back, is coated in a very solid yet comfortable foam – back side supporters are foam covered in a nice black mesh. The back portion of the unit that faces your chair is a somewhat moldable plastic so it can bend to your body and chair, painted in a sexy matte black finish. Surprisingly enough, the S2 has actually made me sit more proper, I find myself not slouching as much as I listen to music (which I listen to music almost all the time when I’m at my desk). Think of it as a back supporter with an extra bonus.


  • Comfortable
  • Flexibility with attaching to different chair types
  • Durable & Extremely lightweight (4 Pounds)
  • Hooks to securing are an incredibly durable plastic, will not break easily
  • Makes you sit properly
  • Materials used are designed to enhance vibratory fields
  • Ergonomic shape for maximum contact and longer sessions


  • After awhile it can make your back sensitive, depending on intensity
  • Long sessions can make you sweat a little
  • Took a little bit to get used too


Sound Control Box


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The sound control box is simple. Plug the S2 in, then plug headphones into the control box! 

Now, I’m not sure if this control box is an amp itself but I did notice that my headphones sounded not only a lot warmer but clearer as well when I plugged them in for the first time. The sound changed dynamically – and for the better. A simple on and off power switch makes it easy for powering the unit. The control box comes with a very easy-to-read intensity knob that really ramps up the bass, all while having a nice clip and an detachable band to attach to either your arm rests or the strapping system itself. The S2 does have an automated shut off feature within the control box.
The S2 is a chargeable unit that is capable with Bluetooth connectivity, taking this on the go is capable but not recommended. The charge is showed when not plugged in via green battery light. Charges last anywhere from 4-6 hours depending on intensity.

Warning: the battery light when the device is plugged in will flash red and blue when the intensity is too high – causing it to distort your listening experience. The SubPac S2 is an incredibly strong bass augment device, even being at 50% is too high for most songs. Recommended levels for this device should be anywhere from 15-35%.


  • You decide on the intensity of bass, allowing casual listening to even replicating intense, powerful sound systems
  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth
  • Chargeable
  • Control box acts as a very nice DAC, improves sound quality in headsets
  • Can be clipped or banded to anywhere on your chair practically
  • Orgasmic back massage with certain songs


  • Automated Shut off Feature requires music to be played at a certain level or it will shut off randomly while listening to music
  • Such powerful bass can cause blow outs


Sound Itself


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Without a doubt, the S2 is fascinating and informative, allowing you to feel what the bass is physically doing to your body. Insightful and a worthwhile experience that I believe everyone should indulge in. Sound is not present in this unit, but rather processed by headphones and felt by the unit. I pair my SubPac S2 with a nice pair of AudioTechnica M50X, allowing a fully immersed feeling in video games while making my music feel more alive than ever. Without headphones the SubPac S2 feels just like a very odd and rhythmic back massager – but when you put those headphones on, welcome to a world full of beauty and musical bliss. Headphones allow clarity and SubPac does all the dirty work, making it to where a nice pair of headphones is needed to couple this beast. Extreme lows are both heard and felt thoroughly, tight bass is felt with a kick and thump and is crystal clear, the accuracy in bass with the SubPac is beyond phenomenal.

SubPac S2 has quite a wide frequency ranging from 5 Hz to 130 Hz.


  • Virtually quiet bass for everyone but the user
  • Accuracy in bass phenomenal
  • Replicates powerful sound systems when coupled with a nice pair of headphones
  • Sound is richer – even in games


  • Overwhelming bass when intensity is too high, but that’s easily changeable
  • Doesn’t work with speakers at all
  • Needs a nice pair of headphones to couple with it
  • Expect all music to sound like this now, even on the go


Features & Specifications


The Verdict?

SubPac’s S2 has been an extremely positive experience that has done nothing but appreciate my love for music even more, this is clearly a no brainer for any music producer or enthusiast.


It’s a sub woofer for your chair thats coupled with headphones. If you’re a music enthusiast, buy it. If you’re a producer, you should already have it.

I’m an appreciator of all genres of music but an avid lover of EDM, specifically in old plus new progressive and vocal trance, even modern house. I’ve found myself re listening to many albums from Above & Beyond, Myon & Shane 54, Cosmic Gate, Menno De Jong, and even The Thrillseekers. I have had “Waiting Here For You (Feat. Aruna) on repeat from The Thrillseekers’ album Nightmusic Volume 2 ever since I’ve been using the SubPac because it just makes it that much more special. Not to mention Cramp’s “Bombay (Fon.Leman Remix)” sounds absolutely orgasmic. Kaskade? His house music hits you in all the right places, figuratively and literally with the S2.

Don’t think this isn’t just for EDM music, Kanye’s new song release “Fade” from his “The Life Of Pablo” album sounds amazing, the bass line in the song sounds sexy as f*$# with the SubPac.  Even the tight bass punches in old 70’s music such as Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September” are both soothing and uplifting.

Florence & The Machine’s album “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” that was dropped in 2015 is played and experienced in a whole new dimension. “Delilah” brings whole new meaning to my life as I can hear and feel the drummer – “Drumming Song” from her album Lungs is a whole new experience in itself.

The music comes alive.

Get yours on Amazon!


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