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SUPERHOT was released three months ago and the developers are already thinking about what’s next for the studio. In a recent dev-log blog post the developers mentioned that they are working closely with Oculus to release a redesigned version of SUPERHOT exclusively for the Oculus Rift later this year.

This redesigned version will allow players to become even more immersed in the game not only visually but also audibly. The developers mentioned that they have been working on a holophonic sound design that will allow players to locate a bullet by the sound it makes as it passes by.


In the aforementioned blog post the studio also mentioned that they are working on a few future projects, including SUPERHOT DLC. The DLC will be made free to anyone that has already purchased SUPERHOT and it will include new levels, new game mechanics and new twits.

The developers have yet to announce any release dates but SUPERHOT VR will be available, exclusively to the Oculus Rift, later this year.

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