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Twitch Clips

Twitch showcases their new Clips feature

In a blog post earlier today, Twitch announced a new feature that allows you to share memorable moments of a stream by capturing and sharing it to your social network of choice. This new feature allows you to share a clip of your favorite stream with your friends and followers, which will also take them straight to the broadcast. If the stream is over by the time your friends or followers click the link, the clip will take them to the exact moment it was captured so they can continue watching the past broadcast.

Twitch wants to make sure that you receive credit for the clips and moments that you share. Your Twitch ID, the streamer’s Twitch ID and the game the streamer is playing will all be attached to every clip that you create. Whenever you click on the Clip button, it will capture the previous 25 seconds and 5 seconds after. You will be able to recapture a clip as many times as you’d like so that you can capture more precise moments.

How to Clip

  1. Click the Clip button on the video player.
  2. View the clip for playback
  3. Share.

You can start creating and sharing clips today on certain partnered channels.

Clips will be made available to every channel within the coming weeks.


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