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Twitch Rolls Out Emotes Now Available For iOS Mobile App

This week Twitch rolled out its new iOS mobile app update that now allows users to use their favorite Twitch emotes in iMessage. Now users can spam Twitch emotes in their texts, including the emotes of channels that the user is subscribed to.

All you need is an iOS device and the Twitch mobile app, which is free in the App Store.


How to Install:

  • Open Messages.
  • Press the arrow to the left of your text in Messages.
  • Press the “App Store” button.
  • Press the “Four Squares” button in the bottom left corner.
  • Press the “+ Store” button.
  • Press “Manage”
  • Enable “TwitchEmotes”
  • Start spamming your favorite Twitch emotes.


The iOS Twitch mobile app is available in the Apple App Store.


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