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Twitch announced today that users can use two other tiers of subscription to their favorite streamers. Thereby offering more perks to their viewers!

Twitch Breakdown

Initially, Twitch tweeted about the new levels of subscription earlier today. This new ability begins as an opt-in program for partnered streamers. Not only that, but these options are not going to take the place of the $4.99 subscription nor Twitch Prime.

Looking at their most recent blog post, details on the benefits for the new subscription tiers are as follows:

  • More emote spaces for streamers and permanent slots!
  • Custom messages to the community
  • Revamped emote tiers
  • Use of Twitch App with $9.99 and $24.99 subscription tiers
  • Ad-free viewing
  • Auto-renews subscription like the $4.99 option

By introducing these two new levels, it will help streamers grow their fan base because the new tiers also boost the subscriber numbers. If a person buys the $9.99 subscription, they will now count as two subscribers for the channel (because 9.99 is effectively double 4.99.) Presumably, the pay scale for the streamer will also increase based on their individual contract. That’s great news for partnered streamers! More emotes. More options. Support of your favorite streamers. What’s not to love?

Final Thoughts

This new ability isn’t yet available but will be soon. The company hasn’t specified a date but have continued to find ways to benefit partners. I’m sure many other things will be coming down the pipeline in the future though we’ll have to keep an eye out!

The original blog post can be found here for the FAQ’s and details.

What do you think? Does this inspire more confidence in the platform? Let us know your thoughts on Discord!

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