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Recently, Twitch has been introducing lots of changes and updates to the popular streaming platform we all know and love. During TwitchCon, their convention for streamers and viewers alike, we’ve been greeted with exciting announcements such as Twitch Prime, Loyalty Badges, a new layout, transcoding, and more updates to clips.

Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime is a bonus you receive for having Amazon prime. Essentially, you connect your Twitch account to your Amazon account and you are now a Twitch Prime member! On top of getting a cool little blue crown badge and all of the advantages of Amazon Prime, you’ll be getting discounts on newly released games, ad-free viewing, a free subscription to one channel each month, and some free in-game loot such as skins or even other surprises (like this month having a free game).

The rewards for this month are

  • Tyrande Wisperwind, a priest skin of one of the most famous Night Elves in World of Warcraft
  • Boss Ymir, a skin for the Father of the Frost Giants in Smite
  • A weapon skin for the one and only Bomb King in Paladins: Champions of the Realm
  • Streamline, a new game that is “perfect for streaming” and lets Streamers make parties with their friends and their viewers vote to change the rules in this third-person parkour game.

All of this is available for 10.99 a month and will be replacing Twitch Turbo in regions where you are able to get Twitch Prime, as it provides the same benefits and more.

Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty Rewards are also something that Twitch as recently introduced to their platform. This allows partnered broadcasters to show a bit more love to their loyal fanbase, presenting badges in addition to their channel subscriber and bits badges you will have. Streamers can set up different badges for 3-month, 6-month, 1-year, and 2-year anniversaries for their loyal subs. Streamers get a 3-week advance on getting their badge art set up and they roll out for viewers on October 24th.

Layout Changes

Twitch has also introduced a new channel layout to open up for space for the stream itself and make other information more handily available. Follower counter, following count, videos, and the follow and sub buttons have all been moved to the top of the screen, allowing Twitch to make things cleaner and open up more space.


Transcoding is another exciting update to streamers as this lets you have video options, and is typically reserved for partners and big non-partnered streams. Twitch is going to start trying to get transcoding out to every streamer, no matter size or partnership.

Clip Trimming

Clips are also getting an update and coming to mobile. On top of coming to mobile, Twitch will be introducing “Clip Trimming” so you can cut off all that random extra starting or ending time off that doesn’t need to be there.

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