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MacOS High Sierra

This operating system update will be available for free for everyone in the fall.


Apple’s browser, Safari, has always been known for its efficiency, easy going on battery life, and speed. With the High Sierra update, Safari will be the world’s fastest internet browser.


“Spotlight” will be added to the mail application which will display your “top hits” to make finding that one email a lot easier.


iMac photo editor

All of your imports will be displayed in chronological order. Users will also be able to use filters in the top right-hand corner of the application to view specific photographs. “People” will display photos of your friends and family, based on facial recognition.

Editing in the photos application will also be implemented. All of your edits will sync to the photo library if you use another application as well, so you won’t lose your hard work!


OS High Sierra will be using Metal 2 to improve its graphic performance. It has up to a 10x better draw call, faster frame debugger, and improved debugger searches. The Mac server is now on Metal 2 as well, so as to keep things “buttery smooth” for all users. Support for all customers will be available in the new few months. Metal for VR will also be implemented for High Sierra, which will make designing in VR a lot smoother and realistic. Steam VR will also become available for the Mac.


All new iMacs will now have Retina displays that will be 43% brighter and able to reproduce one billion colors. Users will be able to enjoy an “even more vivid and true-to-life viewing experience” with these new iMacs.

iMac prices

iMac Pro

iMac Pro details

“If you were to go out and build a comparatively spec’d system today, it’d cost over $7,000.”

The new iMac Pro will be available in December.

The Hardware

  • Intel Kaby Lake processors that run up to 4.2 GHz.
  • New iMac Pro: 8, 10, or 18 – core Xeon processors that boast 22 Teraflops of GPU performance.
  • Up to 32GB RAM on 21.5in iMac and 64GB RAM on 27in iMac.
  • Configurable to 128GB ECC Memory.
  • Fusions Drives are now standard for the top-end 21.5 in iMac and all 27 in iMac.
  • SSD Storage will be 50% faster.
  • iMac Pro: 4TB SSDs.
  • Radeon Pro graphics cards for the standard iMacs.
  • iMac 4K will have Radeon Pro 555 and 560 4BG VRAM (3x faster than before).
  • iMac 27in will have Radeon Pro 570, 575, and 580 up to 8GB VRAM.
  • Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • iMac Pro: 10GB Ethernet

Mac Books

Mac Book prices

All Mac Books will receive hardware updates for greater performance. All are being shipped today, so they will be available soon for everyone.

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