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The Apple Watch has been rated the #1 smartwatch and #1 in customer satisfaction. At Apple’s WWDC17 Conference, a new operation system was announced: watchOS4.

Watch Faces

Several new watch faces were announced for the watchOS4 update.


The Siri watch face will update throughout the day to present you with the most relevant information, based on your daily habits. In addition to information that is important to you. Use the scroll wheel to view more information that Siri has to offer. For example, at the start of your day, you will see information regarding how long it will take to get to work, some calendar events, news headlines, etc. Towards the end of your day, you might see Wallet letting you know about the movie you plan to go out to and how long it will take to get home.

Disney Characters

Toy story apple watch faces

Mickey and Minnie have been the classic Disney faces for the Apple Watch since its first release. But now you can hang out with your favorite Toy Story characters as well!


The Kaleidoscope watch face displays a beautiful pattern that changes throughout the day.

Staying in Shape

With the Activity app, users will receive more personalized notifications in order to better motivate you to keep in shape. There will also be monthly challenges, based on your own activity levels, so you can break your goals and create new ones each month.

Apple watch activity app

In the Workout App, more options for different workouts will be made available. Such as high-intensity workouts and swimming. If you’re switching between workouts, simply swipe right and tap the plus icon to switch to another workout. This way, you can do multiple workouts in one session. The apple watch will also be able to connect to your gym equipment in order to give you the most accurate health details.  You will also be able to set playlists to being playing once you start the workout of your choice. By swiping left, you can change songs directly in the workout application.

Other Cool Things

The Music app will now auto-sync your favorite music and you can store multiple playlists on your Apple Watch.

A new news application will allow you to save articles to read later on your phone.

More support will be offered for applications that run in the background, and better connections for application and devices that connect via Bluetooth.

This upgrade will be available in the Fall.

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