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XSplit launched an extremely successful piece of software almost six years ago that helped propel the world of esports and birthing the Twitch streamer profession. Their software is currently one of the most used streaming services on the market, built up from a simple application to including numerous unique features.

It seems they are aiming to up their game with their recent acquisition of Challonge!, the tournament bracket system and Player.me, the social media network for gaming and professional players alike.

Challonge! Logo

Challonge! – The tournament management system

If you’ve never used the services before, Challonge! helps to simplify the process of creating tournaments for virtually any game out there. Founded in 2009, their services are quick and easy to use, currently boasting hundreds of thousands of players utilizing their product. Equally important is their API that allows other websites and applications to utilize their software in external third-party software. Challonge! is currently partnered with numerous other tournament groups and esports teams like Team Decerto and Vanity eSports.

Player.me logo

Player.me – the social media gaming platform

Player.me takes gaming profiles to the next level with their social media platform aimed at amateur and professional gamers alike. This includes communication systems, newsfeeds (similar to Twitter) from other players and a boasting library where all games can be displayed. Grouping up with other players is also part of the system based on location or games being played. Similar to Challonge!, Player.me boasts an impressive API for implementing their service in third-party applications.

Both of these systems take the XSplit platform to a new level of engagement in the esports and gaming realm, elevating their presence in the ever-growing market.

It seems this is just the start for XSplit, stating “Yet this is still only the beginning. Our aspirations for the future are much bigger, as we envision a world where players can seamlessly connect to one another in a dedicated space, share and create content, compete with one another and grow their own communities.”

What this means for the future of gaming is uncertain but combining a social media platform with tournament management/creation services and a live-streaming software is a powerful combination if used correctly. Only time will tell where XSplit tends to go with this but it sure could make them a power player in this aggressive market.

What are your thoughts? Are you a fan of XSplit, Challonge! or Player.me? Let us know in the comments below.

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