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Disclaimer: This story is still developing and info can and will be rendered irrelevant upon publication. It is highly recommended to read the original article about the PEA and the first follow-up involving Sean Gares.

As of yesterday, Sean “sgares” Gares is being terminated from Team SoloMid’s CS: GO team. This was allegedly the case because he hurt the team’s brand, never talked to Reginald, and deceived his team into signing the letter.

However, more statements were released that tell a different side of the story, and show that Andy “Reginald” Dinh was trying to recover from a PR meltdown. In his own Twitlonger post, sgares outlined the events from his perspective. It details that he and Reginald actually did talk two days after the initial letter SirScoots sent, and showed there were no problems with the way the players got their voices out.

“I don’t think it’s fair for Andy to imply that my way of communicating wasn’t proper, or to be critical of me for not talking to him. I did talk to him. I talked to him face to face for two hours and he expressed no issues about Scott representing us during that time. This was two days after Scott e-mailed the PEA on our behalf.”-Sean “sgares” Gares

sgares’ supposed manipulation of his teammates on TSM never happened either. On another Twitlonger post, this time written by and signed by the four other members of the TSM CS: GO team, it confirms this, making TSM Reginald’s post look like it was written to cover tracks and deflect bad PR.

“Secondly, we would like to clarify that TSM has not mistreated us or anything of the sort but, everything in the letter was factual. Regarding Sean “manipulating” us to sign the letter, this isn’t true. We all had a call with Scott (SirScoots) where he outlined the tone and messaging of the letter, and also it’s intentions (that it wasn’t meant to be antagonistic or a personal attack on any specific owner). Although several of us didn’t get to read the letter, we all consented to having our names on it showing our support.” -TSM’s Unified Response

As the PEA story develops, there are still more insights into behind the scenes events that happened on TSM’s team. It seems, however, that this side story involving sgares and Reginald has come to an end. Both parties have said their piece, and the statement from the TSM CS:GO team was critical in supporting Sean Gares. Should more details develop, this article will be updated accordingly.


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